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Thread: New Content in December

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    New Content in December

    Hey everyone!

    We have a lot of new things coming in the next year, and we're really excited about what we have in store. We're heading in some very cool new directions.

    Some new things you'll be seeing sooner rather than later:

    Scheduled Article and Tutorial Releases
    We'll be rolling out brand-spanking new, original articles and tutorials every Sunday night starting in December. This includes brand new series, dealing with a large variety of different topics, from a lot of different mediums.

    We'll be covering a large variety of topics but if there is anything that you guys want some more info on, feel free to make some requests and we'll try and cover it for you.

    For now we're going to focus on simply publishing more content for you guys, but there are a whole lot of new things in the gears. We'll see where things go from here, but i encourage you guys to sign up and register.

    Check back December 5th for the first wave of our new content, and keep the peace guys!

    Time for a Change.

    Think Big, Expect Big

    Audi RS4

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    Re: New Content in December

    And with that, registrations are now live.

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    Re: New Content in December

    cool story brp

    there's an evil virus that's threatening mankind
    it's not state of the art, it's a serious state of the mind

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    +1. this is very interesting

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