Abstract Airbrushing

Abstract Airbrushing

Posted By: Tweak on Jun 12, 2004

Make beautiful abstract bursts of light for your renders.

This... This is how I managed to finally get this down
Want to know how to make those beautiful abstract bursts?

I write this tutorial in the sense that you already know some basic abstract brushing.

1. Start, Blank image. 500x500 for this one. Go into your brushes menu, and click textures and choose one of them, like this one. I also stuck on scattering to make it more distorted and funkey.

2. White brush, black backround. Splatter, unevenly. Fiddle with the flow a bit. Make sure you do all this on a seperate layer, It helps in the long run.

3. Same as in every other cloud tutorial, smudge the hell out of it with a nice grunge brush, or something with tons of jagged edges, with a low flow. Make sure their uneven strokes, and random.

4. Now this is the part I hadn't found out for so long. Go Edit - Transform - Perspective. Make it sharp looking, or however you want it to fit your image.

5.Now to blotch it a bit. Duplicate it (copy and paste), and drop the lighting on it to -100.

6. Time to play with the perspective more. Take the dark layer, and change the perspective on it. Repeat this step as many times as wanted.

7. After this, you can continue to mess with it in further ways. Try waving it then fading the wave about 50%. Colour balances are also fun to fiddle with. Of course, because its on a seperate layer, It can be shoved into a render quite nicely

Final results can be stunning, I am astounded at this technique.

Beautiful results can come up for this, I'm sorry that render placement sucked, but I needed an example. Some tips on placing it on a render:
- Always have a center point. It's good to have a focus underneath.
- Free transform all of the brushes, erase some parts, and make it look different from each other.
- You could always remake brushes for it, but I find most people just kind of use the same one over, just flipped, squished, stretched, etc.
- Experiment with everything.

I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful tutorial, and use it to your advantage

- These images remain copywrited (C) to: Tweak Productions, Visual Design Core. Anybody caught ripping will be shut down.
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Posted On: Jun 12, 2004

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