Abstract Renders in Cinema 4d

Abstract Renders in Cinema 4d

Posted By: Tweak on Aug 17, 2005

Lean to create cinema 4d renders

This is a basic tutorial on the ways that I do my renders for most of my abstract pieces. Which is one of the techniques I use. For this tutorial, I will be using my favorite 3d program Cinema 4d 8.5. If you are using a later version, such as Cinema 4d 9, some menu items might be in different places, or named slightly different. This tutorial assumes that you know the basics of the program, and how it is used, so not every click or menu choice is documented.

Now on to the tutorial!!!

1. Lets start with a platonic. Change the body type to bucky, then press C to make the platonic editable.

After that we are going to hit the point tool button on the left side of the screen, then Right click > magnet. Start grabbing points, and pull them outward. Weíre making a blob like form to affect the matrix extrude, nothing more. You will also need to rotate the camera to get all sides of the platonic into a blob like shape, like below:

Now weíre going to do the matrix extrude. Go to Structure > Edit Surface > Matrix Extrude to bring up the matrix extrude dialog box. Below are the settings I used, and the result from them. The key here is to experiment. Always experiment for non-generic images, as I always use different numbers, as should you.

Next we are going to click the polygon tool button. You should now have yellow lines on the renders furthest out tips. Now go to Selection > Grow Selection one or twice, this is also up to you. Iím going to show you once.

Now that you have a selection, time to matrix extrude again. You can either use the same settings, or try some new ones. Here is what I used:

Now comes the fun part: Deformers. Now that we have the base of the image, we are going to add the final additions to this render. Start with making a Bend Deformer, and then a Bulge Deformer, then finish off with adding a Twist Deformer. (these can all be found in objects > deformers). Drag them under the platonic in the objects menu. Then edit each of these settings. Here is what I used:

Put the platonic with all the deformers inside a HyperNURBS object, and here is my final result.

That is 1 of hundreds of styles of cinema 4d abstract renders. Enjoy, and remember: Experiment!!

Here is one of many things you can do with such a render:

Quick Tips:
  • You donít always have to use a twist deformer. Some look better without it.
  • Increasing the Bulge % only increases the size of the render.
  • Donít forget materials!!

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Posted On: Aug 17, 2005

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