Cinema 4d Materials Tutorial

Cinema 4d Materials Tutorial

Posted By: missionsix on Feb 19, 2005

Learn the use of materials in cinema 4d.

Cinema 4D Materials

Step 1:
Grab whatever you want to apply the material too. Now click file < new material in the materials tab, (by default in the bottom right), and double click the new material you just made. Do whatever you want with color. I just chose a darker tone for mine.

Step 2:
Now click reflections. Set the settings at anything you like. I usually leave the color at white, and set it at around 80-90%, so as to not overpower the color. Then click the small arrow and scroll down to fresnel.

Put the settings below in:

Step 3:

Now click specular and play with the settings. I used the ones shown below. Typically, i prefer some variation of these.

Step 4:

Now click transparancy. Leave everything at default and put it at a low-end percentage. I chose around 35-40%.

Step 5:
Optional. Applying a texture

The way to apply a texture is to click the small [...] button besides the large blank button. Find the texture you wish to use, and double click it. Thats about it... I never leave the mix strength at full because it'll overpower whatever color you use. Trust me, 50% may seem weak but its not.

Two different textures.

Notice how i placed textures on the floor as well. If i added a light source in, you'd notice a large drastic change in how the reflection reacts. Just play around and you can add a shit load of complexity to a render with it.
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Posted On: Feb 19, 2005

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