Depth in Cinema 4d

Depth in Cinema 4d

Posted By: Overtone on Feb 19, 2005

Learn to add intense depth to your renders!

So your Cinema 4D renders don't have any depth? Well this tutorial will show you how to make your renders so 3D that they'll look like they're jumping off the screen.

So, here we go. Open up your render in Cinema 4D, and follow along.

1. Heres my render. It's just something I whipped up real quick. Looks flat and boring, right? Well lets fix that.

2. See this little triangle in the upper right corner of your screen?

Well, right-click and hold it and start to drag to the left. You'll see everything start to zoom out and your view of the render is at some strange angle. That's what we want for right now. Your screen should look something like right now.

3. Now left-click and hold on that same triangle and start to drag to the right. You should be zooming back in, but your render should have much much more depth now.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 if needed. Also, rotate your render until it looks how how you want it to. This is what I got after messing around with the depth on my render.

Not the best, but much better than what I started with.
Hope you learned from this tutorial, and if you need any assistance with it, post here or AIM me at ShadowSpectrum13.
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Posted On: Feb 19, 2005

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