Liquid Metal

Liquid Metal

Posted By: Overtone on Feb 16, 2005

Create Liquidy Globs of Metal in Cinema 4D

Ok, I'm going to teach you how to make liquid metal blobs using C4D. This technique could be used in sigs, banners, whatever. Please note that this tutorial assumes that you have basic knowledge of how to use C4D.

1. Open C4D (The hard step )

2. Go to Objects > Modeling > Metaball.

3. Go ahead and create a few spheres (Objects > Primitive > Sphere) and make them all diffrent sizes, and posistion them kinda close to together, but now too close.

4. Now drag all of your spheres onto your metalball. (Example, like you would drag a rough object onto hypernurbs.)

5. Your balls should all be connected now, in a big blob. In your object browser, click on your Metaball. Under Object Properties change Editor Subdivision to 15 so when you're working with your liquid blob, it doesn't look so rough.

6. Now this is where the real experimentation happens. Select any of your spheres and move it around, resize it, etc. until it looks like how you want. Just keep messing around with your spheres until they are the right distance and size. Just make your blob look like a cool blob.

7. So far, this is how my blob looks :

Doesn't look too much like liquid metal, but that's up to you to add a material. Once I learn how to make a metallic material, I'll write a tut on it so your blob looks better.

UPDATE for Akule's material tutorial!
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Posted On: Feb 16, 2005

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