Photoshop logo to Cinema 4d logo

Photoshop logo to Cinema 4d logo

Posted By: Death_Noodle on Oct 08, 2004

Turn a photoshop path into 3d.

1) Draw your shape, i drew one for this tutorial quick with just circle brushes.

2) Next, take the freeform pen tool and make sure to check the magnetic option at the top and just draw around the logo, the pen tool should snap onto it and if you make a mistake, push backspace. (you can also use the method sicloan mentioned below and select your shape with the magic wand tool and then make a new workpath for your selection on the paths tab near the layers tab on the middle right of the screen)

3) Once you have traced your logo with the pen tool, click File -> Export -> Paths to Illistrator... then save it, this will make an ai file that we will open in Cinema 4d.

4) As said before, open the .ai file you created in cinema 4d, you should see your shape!

5) Now click Objects -> NURBS -> Extrude Nurbs and drag your shape under the extrude NURBS you created like this.
NOTE: if your working with text you should get a big group, and draging the group under the extrude nurbs will result in nothing, so when you drag it under, click on your extrude nurbs and in the box on the right you should see a checkbox named Hierarchical, check that and your text will turn 3d.

6) Your shape is 3d now! Now just add a texture and some lighting and you get your final product!

Well your done and you have a 3D logo, but this method dosnt work well with text, for text its better to instead of using the pen tool in step 2, click Layer -> Type -> Convert to Shape and then continue with the tut normally by exporting it to illistrator like in step 3.

Thanks for visiting VDCore!
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Posted On: Oct 08, 2004

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