Saving in Cinema 4d

Saving in Cinema 4d

Posted By: missionsix on Jan 24, 2005

Learn to save your images in the optimal image type so it can be read and dealt with in photoshop.

So you've just made a really sweet abstract or model and you dont know how to save it into a

format used for photoshop with optimum quality? This tutorial will show you how to do just

that, how to save your images in the optimal image type so it can be read and dealt with in

photoshop accordingly.

So we have our model ready to be rendered. Nothing special here, just a primitive.

Anyway, so the next step is to set up our render settings. go to RENDER > RENDER


And this screen should appear:

Next click on OUTPUT and change the resolution. Higher Resolutions are easier to

work with, because you can always shrink the render, where enlarging it looses quality.

Click on SAVE And check alpha channel, and then check separate alpha channel. Also

make sure your save format is TIFF or a TARGA.

If you want you can change the AntiAliasing so that its a higher quality render. Change the

quality to BEST and up the threshold. *note that this will take more time to render.

Once you have all the settings the way you want, simply close out of the render settings.

Now go to RENDER > RENDER TO PICTURE VIEWER and wait for the render to finish. Once

it is done, go to FILE > Save picture as

An screen will appear that looks like this:

Just click okay, unless you know what your doing. It will then ask you where to save it,

find a place easily accessible.

Now go to part 2 of the tutorial to learn how to open it in photoshop.

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Posted On: Jan 24, 2005

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