Rusty Metal Plate

Rusty Metal Plate

Posted By: missionsix on May 23, 2004

Create a rusty metal plate.

Okay, im going to show you how to make some nifty metal plates such as the ones seen on my avatar.

1) To start off, make a new document 300x300 px with a transparent background.
2) Grab your fill tool and using the foreground color: #535353 fill your document.

3) Grab your burn tool with these settings:

4) now, using your burn tool, start tapping your mouse button so that you get uneven burns all over the canvas. You should now have something like this:

5) Now grab your dodge tool with these settings:

6) pretty much do exactly the same thing that you did with the burn tool, except this time you want to hold the click down a little longer and really go over the darker parts alot to try and bring those highlights out from the dark. You should end up with something like this:

7) you may want to go back and repeat step 4 if you think think your metal plate is to dark. keep on trying until you get something decent.

okay so now we want to make it look a little bit more plate like. Lets add some rush to this masterpiece.

create a new layer, and with your foreground set to #7A3700 and your background set to #000000 go to filter > render > clouds

Then, go to filter > render > difference clouds.

press ctrl + F twice

Go to select > Color Range, and then with the eye-dropper select the black part of the clouds.

Hit okay, and then press DEL on your keyboard twice.

Press Ctrl + D to deselect the rust.

Change the blending mode of the rust layer to COLOR DODGE with and opacity of 50% and a fill of 50%. Duplicate the layer, and move it around for more rust. It should look like this:

Your image should look something like this:

The rust doesnt look right. so we need to add noise.

Select your rust layer, and go to FILTER > NOISE > ADD NOISE with an amount of 10%

Your image should look something like this:

once again, sign up for our forum, browse, learn stuff, and become part of this community!

and experiment as always.
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Posted On: May 23, 2004

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