Supermarket Stickers

Supermarket Stickers

Posted By: missionsix on May 07, 2006

Create an eye catching Supermarket sticker, web 2.0 style!

Supermarket Stickers
By, Pat Andrew

These things are starting to show up everywhere in the web, so I though I would show you how to create your own. The usage of these Supermarket stickers is to draw a userís attention to a section of a website.

To start off, click on the Polygon Shape tool.

With the Polygon Shape Tool, Click on the arrow next to the blob looking shape (custom shape) on the top bar, this will pull down the polygon options. Make sure star is checked, and set the side indenting to any percent you desire, I chose 15. Also set the number of sides to a number, but not too much. I chose 35 sides.

Now using the Polygon tool, create your shape on your canvas.

It is now time to style our Supermarket Sticker. Right Click on the shape layer and go to blending options. Click on the gradient overlay. I used a Bright red to slightly darker red gradient. Choose whatever colors you like. Change the Style of the gradient overlay to Radial, and adjust the Scale as desired to get the overlay to blend in properly. The goal is to get a slight raise in the sticker.

Next we move on to the Stroke. I used a based 1 pixel stroke, set to inside which was a color slightly lighter than the dark part of our sticker.

I added a Satin blending mode to make the edges of the sticker darker. To do this, set the blending mode to normal, and lower the opacity way down. Set the color to white and play with the lighting how you like.

And last we have a Drop Shadow. Set the Size to 0 pixels and the distance to 1 pixel

We now have a good looking sticker, but its missing text! Grab the trusty text tool and Make a statement!

(note: I used the free transform (control + T) to rotate the text.)

Add it to your favorite box art and you can sell a product!

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Posted On: May 07, 2006

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